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TwoDay Method® is a fertility awareness method of family planning that uses cervical secretions to indicate fertility. TwoDay Method services appeal to women who want to use a hormone-free method regardless of cycle length. 

Below is a curated list of resources for program managers, providers, and policymakers interested in integrating TwoDay Method into programs and services. All resources are organized in the key sections outlined below.


The TwoDay Method Webinar is intended for providers. To complete the webinar, first review the Power Point Presentation by downloading the presentation (available in English and Spanish), or viewing the narrated presentation (English), all linked below. A version for faith-based programs to train natural family plannings teachers is found at

Course Materials


TwoDay Method Screening Checklist ENGLISH | SPANISH

TwoDay Method Client Brochure ENGLISH | FRENCH | SPANISH

TwoDay Method Client Recording Card ENGLISH | FRENCH | SPANISH


Fact Sheet: TwoDay Method ENGLISH | FRENCH | SPANISH

TwoDay Method: Top 15 Most Frequently Asked Questions ENGLISH

Field Note: TwoDay Method: a New Method of Family Planning ENGLISH | FRENCH | SPANISH



Efficacy  of the new TwoDay Method of family planning, Fertility and Sterility 2004 ENGLISH | SPANISH

The TwoDay Algorithm: A New Algorithm to Identify the Fertile Time of the Menstrual Cycle, Contraception 1999 ENGLISH

TwoDay Method: A Quick-Start Approach, Contraception 2011 ENGLISH

Further analysis of the theoretical effectiveness of the TwoDay Method of family planning, Contraception 2001 ENGLISH

The Relationship Between Cervical Secretions and the Daily Probabilities of Pregnancy: Effectiveness of the TwoDay Algorithm, Human Reproduction 2001 ENGLISH


These images are available for download and appropriate for incorporating into training resources and materials.

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