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| September 18, 2013

We’ve come to the end; help us carry on the FAM legacy

The Fertility Awareness-based Methods (FAM) Project, a six-year USAID-funded activity tasked with the mission to scale up the Standard Days Method® (SDM) and increase access to and use of the TwoDay Method®, and the Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM) within the framework of informed choice comes to an end this month.

USAID’s Mihira Karra, advisor for the FAM Project, remarked on the project’s success, “It’s been an incredible journey…It took 200 years to take Vitamin C to a treatment for scurvy. Depo was first tested over 20 years ago, and it took multiple avenues and multiple pilots to move it forward as a wide-scale modern method. SDM has moved [toward scale-up] very quickly comparatively. We’re learning to take things to scale faster and more effectively.”

In addition to studying the process of strategic scale-up of SDM, a simple and effective fertility awareness-based method of family planning, the FAM Project has built evidence around under-researched topics such as sexual and reproductive health for very young adolescents, male involvement in family planning, partnerships with faith-based organizations, and offering family planning through mobile phones.

We extend our gratitude to all the partners and champions that made this project a success! We appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment and encourage you to use these tools and share them with colleagues.

Find the FAM Resources You Need


SDM Toolkit | Spanish | French | India

TwoDay Method Toolkit

LAM Toolkit


FAM Project Brief Series

Why Integrate SDM?: Interactive brochure


Global Summary: Promising Practices for Scale-Up: A Prospective Case Study of Standard Days Method® Integration

Country Briefs: Scale-Up of Standard Days Method®

Very Young Adolescents

My Changing Body: Body Literacy & Fertility Awareness for Young People (2nd Edition)

CycleSmart Brochure

CycleSmart Programmatic Guidelines

Whose turn to do the dishes? Transforming gender attitudes and behaviours among very young adolescents in Nepal


CycleTel™: Effective Family Planning via Mobile Phones

Faith-based Organizations

Faith-Based Organizations as Partners in Family Planning: Working Together to Improve Family Well-being

A Powerful Framework for Women: Introducing the Standard Days Method to Muslim Couples in Kinshasa 

FAM tools for Catholic programs

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