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CycleSmart™ CycleBeads Brochure

Research findings from IRH’s work around the world suggest adolescent girls are receiving insufficient guidance on puberty, fertility awareness and menstrual onset. The CycleSmart Brochure uses young protagonists, games and storytelling to convey information related to tracking, understanding, and preparing for the menstrual cycle and puberty, and tips on staying safe.

Keywords: Spanish, Kinyarwanda, VYA, Rwanda, Guatemala

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  • Rwanda | English - File Size: 5.22 MB
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  • Rwanda | Kinyarwanda - File Size: 2.55 MB
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  • Guatemala | Spanish - File Size: 2.65 MB
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  • U.S. | English - File Size: 2.84 MB
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  • U.S. | Spanish - File Size: 2.88 MB

Resource Snapshot

Publisher IRH

Year 2012

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