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The Social Norms Atlas: Understanding Global Social Norms and Related Concepts

The Social Norms Atlas is a collective effort led by the Social Norms Learning Collaborative to foster awareness, understanding, and the ability to address a variety of social norms as they relate to development outcomes and thereby to enhance efficacy of behavior change programs in achieving targeted outcomes. This document provides a broad introduction to social norms concepts, 10 sector-specific sections on illustrative social norms, behaviors and attitudes, and a cross-sector analysis highlighting meta-norms that cut across different sectors. This resource is meant to be used as a starting point for program planners, implementers, evaluators and researchers interested in building their social norms vocabulary and knowledge to strengthen their understanding of sector-specific social norms.

El Atlas de Normas Sociales desarrollado por el Social Norms Learning Collaborative es un recurso para investigadores y profesionales que incluye ejemplos de normas sociales, actitudes y comportamientos relevantes a diez sectores de desarrollo. Además, contiene un análisis intersectorial que destaca normas que tienen influencia a través diferentes sectores. Este recurso sirve como un punto de partida para planificadores de programas, implementadores, evaluadores e investigadores interesados en construir su vocabulario y conocimientos en normas sociales para fortalecer su comprensión de normas sociales en sectores específicos.

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