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| January 25, 2017

Know Your Bod: Celebrating Cervical Health Awareness Month

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month, and we are always ready to celebrate a healthy cervix. The first step to cervical health is understanding your body. The cervix plays an important role in fertility and provides signs and symptoms about the body’s changes throughout the menstrual cycle.


What is the cervix?

The cervix is the the lower part of a woman’s uterus. It is the source of natural secretions (or mucous) experienced by women during their reproductive years. Cervical fluid is normal and experienced by all women. In fact, this fluid can be used to determine when during the cycle a woman is fertile so she can plan or prevent a pregnancy. The common denominator for all fertile days in a woman’s cycle is the presence of noticeable cervical secretions.

Why do I need to know?

Being aware of the cervix and its role in fertility and reproductive health helps women know when to seek services from a provider if secretions look or feel unhealthy. Many women don’t realize that they can easily prevent some forms of cervical cancer by getting vaccinated against human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and by receiving regular checkups from an OBGYN.

The cervix & pregnancy prevention

Since cervical secretions are a reliable indicator of fertility, women can even prevent pregnancy using a method of family planning like TwoDay Method. TwoDay Method appeals to women who want to use a hormone-free method, and was developed for women interested in an easy-to-use, natural approach that relies on their body’s unique signs and symptoms of fertility. Efficacy study results show it is 96% effective in preventing pregnancy with correct use and 86% effective with typical use. Women and their partners can use the method with the aid of a marking card or through the 2Day Method iPhone app.


Celebrate Cervical Health Awareness Month with us by getting informed and learning about your body. Start here with a quiz to test your knowledge. Do you know your bod?

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