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| July 10, 2014

New Family Planning App Launched: 2Day Method™

The Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH), in partnership with Cycle Technologies, is excited to announce the launch of the first iPhone app designed to help women use the TwoDay Method® of family planning. It’s called 2Day Method.

But long before there was an app—and in fact before there were smartphones—the TwoDay Method had been established as an evidence-based and effective family planning method.

What is TwoDay Method & how does it work?

TwoDay_AlgorithmTwoDay Method is a fertility awareness method of family planning developed by IRH that uses cervical secretions to indicate fertility. Secretions are a reliable indicator of fertility. A woman using the TwoDay Method checks for cervical secretions at least twice a day. If she notices secretions of any type, color, or consistency either today or yesterday, she considers herself fertile. When a woman has cervical secretions, she is potentially fertile and can become pregnant from unprotected intercourse.

TwoDay Method appeals to women who want to use a hormone-free method, and was developed for women interested in a natural approach that relies on their body’s unique signs and symptoms of fertility.

“After years of working with different fertility awareness-based methods, we realized that there was a need to identify a method that could be easily taught and used correctly. Our researchers saw that the common denominator for ALL fertile days is the presence of noticeable cervical secretions. Additional information, such as characteristics of the secretions or even things like body temperature is really not necessary when using this method. This is what makes it an easy method to learn and use.” – Dr. Victoria Jennings, IRH Director 

What does the research say?

IRH followed a research-to-practice model in the development of the TwoDay Method and has collaborated with a wide range of research partners in this process. After establishing the theoretical basis of the method, it was tested in a multi-country efficacy study, and was proven to be 96% effective in preventing pregnancy with correct use. With typical use, it is more than 86% effective. These efficacy rates are similar to those of other user-directed methods. Following the successful results of these studies, TwoDay Method was introduced on a small scale through pilot studies around the world. This research led to TwoDay Method’s inclusion as a modern and evidence-based method in global guidance documents like WHO’s Medical Eligibility Criteria and Family Planning Global Handbook for Providers, and Contraceptive Technology. IRH has developed simple tools to help organizations incorporate these methods into programs and services. Check out the TwoDay Method K4Health Toolkit.

Interested in more info about the evidence? See a collection of peer-reviewed journal articles published about TwoDay Method here.

Why an app?

Technology is changing the world as we know it, and we have never been more connected to information or to one another. The internet and mobile phones are shrinking our global borders and providing individuals with access to information and markets like never before.

IRH recognizes this unprecedented opportunity to leverage technology to improve reproductive health outcomes. We explore how technology solutions can be applied to fertility awareness methods of family planning to increase availability, access, and affordability of products and information in new, sustainable, and scalable ways. 2Day App and our partnership with Cycle Technologies is an example of our direct-to-consumer priority, grounded in evidence-based research. Cycle Technologies President Leslie Heyer agrees about the potential of 2Day and other innovative technologies for women and couples:

“Before smartphones it would have been almost impossible to make this information widely available and to provide women with a cost-effective tool to use it. Technology allows us to do this in an efficient way – putting this simple family planning method right into a woman’s hands. We are thrilled to have a new, effective solution to offer women.”

Download the app through the App Store for free, and learn more at

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