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Masculinité, Famille, et Foi

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Masculinité, Famille, et Foi embodies gender equity and puts into practice new positive masculinities among couples. Uwezo Baghuma Lele, MFF implementer


The Passages Project adapted the evidence-based Transforming Masculinities approach, including adding a component designed to improve voluntary family planning use, for implementation in Kinshasa, DRC, where it is known as Masculinité, Famille, et Foi.

The Masculinité, Famille, et Foi program aims to reduce intimate partner violence, increase shared couple decision-making, and improve voluntary family planning use.

Masculinité, Famille, et Foi (MFF) transforms social environments through a series of trainings, group discussions, and activities designed to spread intervention messaging into the community. To improve health and relationships among newly married couples and first-time parents, MFF guides faith leaders, young couples, and congregations to identify, create, and embrace social norms associated with positive masculine identities and gender-equitable behaviors. Simultaneously, the program promotes access to high-quality, youth-friendly health services through referrals.

Currently, MFF is being scaled up in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), within the Eglise du Christ au Congo network and in Rwanda through two local nongovernmental organizations.

For additional information, visit the website of our partner, Tearfund.

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