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Scale Up Considerations

Working Paper: Considerations for Scaling Up Norms-Shifting Interventions for Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health

This document, authored by the Learning Collaborative to Advance Normative Change, is one of a series of working papers that advance research and practice on normative change for AYSRH. The working paper adds to a discussion of social norms theory and programming by considering the unique characteristics and requirements of scaling up NSI specific to AYSRH.

This working paper will help the reader:

  • Understand why and in what contexts an organization that is working to influence social norms around AYSRH should consider scale up
  • Learn about practical considerations for designing scalable norms-shifting interventions (NSI) and taking them to scale.

What this paper does not do is to provide all the answers. Rather, it leads the reader through the myriad possibilities inherent in scale up of NSI, building on readers’ understanding of scale up applied to more typical scenarios, such as scaling a new practice within a health care delivery system. It outlines what questions to ask and how to begin to answer those questions, but cannot give definitive signposts of which way to go.

This working paper builds on existing scale-up models, implementation reviews, guidance, and the Learning Collaborative members’ own experiences.

Download the full working paper and annexes in English

Download the full working paper and annexes in French

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