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Understanding your body matters: Effects of an entertainment-education serial radio drama on fertility awareness in Rwanda

Given widespread misunderstanding of pregnancy risk, awareness of one’s fertility has the potential to influence sexual and reproductive health behaviors. This mixed-methods study examined the impact of a serial radio drama in Rwanda, Impano n’Impamba, on fertility awareness and other factors related to family planning uptake by comparing listeners and non-listeners in a nationally representative household survey and analyzing in-depth interviews with listeners.

Listeners had higher fertility awareness than non-listeners for key concepts, including the menstrual cycle, onset of fertility, and postpartum pregnancy risk. Qualitative interviews suggest discussion groups provided an invaluable opportunity to ask questions to a knowledgeable facilitator and clarify the fertility awareness information.

The study provides lessons for future interventions with the aim of increasing fertility awareness to improve sexual and reproductive health.

Resource Snapshot

Publisher Journal of Health Communications

Year 2018

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