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Standard Days Method Training via Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

This initiative explored whether remote trainings via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) enabled technology could be used to successfully train low-literacy providers at the community level in Nigeria and Rwanda. Overall, findings from three program sites confirm the IVR training is a viable way to train low-literacy community workers to offer SDM, and this format can serve as another way to further strengthen FAM in service delivery settings.

Attached, please find:

  • The IVR Project Brief, which describes the intervention in Nigeria and Rwanda, and the results.
  • The IVR Implementation Guide, which describes the process followed during implementing a training course in the Standard Days Method® (SDM) delivered via IVR.
  • The IVR Curriculum Guide, which is the training course for the Standard Days Method® (SDM) that is delivered through Interactive Voice Response (IVR). It should be used in conjunction with the Implementation Guide.
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  • IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE - File Size: 875.33 KB
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  • CURRICULUM GUIDE - File Size: 376.91 KB

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Publisher IRH

Year 2022

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