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Standard Days Method®: Building Gender Equity & Engaging Men in Family Planning

This brief highlights the results of research in India and Guatemala that demonstrated improved ability for women to make decisions in their relationships and increased participation by men in family planning decisions. The Standard Days Method® by definition and use emphasizes a couple-perspective.

Keywords: Collar del Ciclo, Collier du Cycle, CycleBeads, family planning, gender, equity, equality, MDF, Methode des Jours Fixes, Metod, o de Dias Fijos, MJF, SDM, Standard Days Method, Méthode des Jours Fixes: Bâtiment équité entre les sexes et Participation des hommes dans la p, Método de Días Fijos: Construcción de Equidad de Género y participación de los hombres en la planificación familiarlanification familiale, Spanish, French

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Publisher IRH

Year 2011

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