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[Webinar] Expanding the Male Engagement Toolbox: Male Engagement Theory of Change and Life Course Approach

This April 2022 webinar with Breakthrough ACTION described two new tools to strengthen your male engagement programming: Reflection and Action Tool: Integrating a Life Course Approach in Programming with Boys & Men for Gender Equality from Passages Project and Know, Care, Do: A Theory of Change for Engaging Men and Boys in Family Planning from Breakthrough ACTION—that were designed to better partner with men and boys in ways that appreciate and encourage their individual health and well-being while also respecting and protecting the rights of women and girls and other gender-diverse people. This webinar is available in English, Spanish, and French.

Speakers: Jeffrey Edmeades (The DHS Program); Courtney McLarnon (IRH); Danette Wilkins (JHU) and; Dominick Shattuck (JHU)

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