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GrowUp Smart Facilitator Manuals, Rwanda

The A3 Project is working with youth-serving organizations in Rwanda to improve the sexual and reproductive health of very young adolescents through an interactive curriculum, GrowUp Smart, which also engages parents and teachers in supporting conversation and learning among youth. This approach seeks to improve not only individual level outcomes but family, school, and community level outcomes.

GrowUp Smart aims to increase body literacy, fertility-awareness, puberty knowledge, gender-equitable attitudes, menstruation management skills (for girls), interpersonal communication skills, and self-care behaviors among very young adolescent girls and boys. It will do the same for parents, teachers, and other supportive adults in addition to strengthening their communication with adolescents.

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  • English Facilitator Guide - File Size: 8.03 MB
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  • Kinyarwanda Facilitator Guide - File Size: 8.47 MB

Resource Snapshot

Publisher IRH/Rwanda MOH

Year 2014

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