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CycleBeads on Paper: Helping Family Planning Programs Overcome Stock-Outs

Delivering and maintaining quality family planning services depends on the availability of commodities, which is a challenge for many programs, especially in rural settings. To address stockouts of CycleBeads®—the mnemonic device used for Standard Days Method® of family planning—the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) designed and tested a paper version of CycleBeads. Under the Passages Project, Action Familliale Rwandaise (AFR), implemented CycleBeads on Paper in family planning service delivery in three sites in Rwanda: Huye, Kigali, and Kabgayi.

An assessment of provider skills, via a competency checklist, showed that providers were as competent offering the method using the CycleBeads on Paper as providers who offer the method with the string of CycleBeads.

Resource Snapshot

Publisher IRH

Year 2022

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