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An Annotated Bibliography of Postpartum Family Planning Literature

This annotated bibliography of postpartum family planning literature serves as reference for both researchers and program managers. Updated from an earlier version, the bibliography primarily focuses on published literature, but includes some key gray literature as well (gray literature entries include a URL). The literature has been reorganized for this edition, and over fifty new entries have been incorporated. Separate categories for LAM and birth spacing have been allotted and expanded, and facility- and community-based literature was combined because this distinction was not always made in the literature. Also, the postpartum IUD category is new to this edition. This excerpt on selected literature related to LAM and breastfeeding for contraception is only one component of the larger FP Bibliography.


Keywords: ACCESS – Family Planning Initiative, LAM, Lactational Amenorrhea Method, 2009

Resource Snapshot

Publisher ACCESS - Family Planning Initiative

Year 2009

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