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A Forecasting Guide for New and Underused Methods

The forecasting guide equips programs to make the necessary assumptions on which to base projections for any method that is new and/or will be expanded considerably in a particular setting. This guide is widely applicable to new and underutilized methods (NUMs)—such as emergency contraception (EC), CycleBeads®, IUDs, female condoms, and implants—in addition to any reproductive health commodity for which use is expected to increase significantly.

The guide was developed under a project funded through an Innovation Fund grant from the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition. The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition is a global partnership of public, private, and non-governmental organizations dedicated to ensuring that all people in low- and middle-income countries can access and use affordable, high-quality supplies to ensure their better reproductive health.



Keywords: Standard Days Method, NUMs, NUM, forecasting, CycleBeads, logistics, procurement, commodities, family planning

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Year 2012

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