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| May 27, 2016

Transforming Masculinitites / Masculinite, Famille, et Foi Study Launches in DRC

On Wednesday, May 25, Tearfund, Population Services International/Association de Santé Familiale and the Institute for Reproductive Health held a launch meeting for the Transforming Masculinities, or ‘Masculinite, Famille, et Foi’ study under the Passages Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The meeting took place at Bobobto College and over 120 people attended, including the Secretary General of Ministry of Health and the Director of the National Program of Youth and Adolescents (PNSA).

The Transforming Masculinitites/Masculinite, Famille, et Foi study promotes positive masculinity and gender equality through parishes and community leaders. The goal is to prevent gender-based violence and improve sexual and reproductive health among two target groups: newly married couples, and first-time parents.

The meeting earned coverage from multiple news outlets. Agence d’Information d’Afrique Centrale published two stories on the launch. In describing the project, Passages DRC Coordiator Djesse Wa Matchabo said, ” We want to change harmful social norms that prevent young people to use family planning services.”

Following the launch, Passages was also featured on Notre Congo, a Congolese television program.

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Passages project aims to address a broad range of social norms, at scale, to achieve sustained improvements in family planning and reproductive health. This research project is building the evidence base and contributing to the capacity of the global community to strengthen normative environments that support reproductive health, especially among very young adolescents, newly married youth, and first-time parents.


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