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Terikunda Jékulu


TJ is an effective social network approach that can be integrated into health and development interventions to spark social change and support for the use of family planning by women and men who have unmet need. Miriam Diakité, TJ implementer


Working with married couples in Mali, Terikunda Jékulu addresses the social norms that underlie unmet need for family planning.

The Passages Project supported introduction of the Terikunda Jékulu (TJ) approach in Mali after a previous version of the program, Tékponon Jikuagou, was implemented successfully in Benin. TJ’s goal in Mali is to create a social environment that enables married couples to have their desired number of children by fostering reflective dialogue about social norms related to family planning. The TJ approach works to diffuse information through formal and informal social groups, influential opinion leaders, and well-connected individuals. 

The Passages Project promoted increased awareness of the TJ approach among nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), government ministries, and other stakeholders. Following the introduction of the approach, the Passages Project provided several rounds of technical support, including evaluation and process documentation of the TJ scale-up, for NGOs to integrate the TJ approach into health and development programs and evaluate the scale-up of the intervention.

Learn more about the implementation of the TJ approach in Mali and Benin here:

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