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Girls’ Holistic Development


Girls' Holistic Development is a platform for the community to discuss problems, including norms and practices that are harmful for very young adolescents, and to identify their own solutions through consensus building. finding from 2020 qualitative research


The Passages Project conducted a Realist Evaluation of the Girls’ Holistic Development program, implemented by the Grandmother Project in Senegal, to better understand how program activities lead to expected outcomes, how intended beneficiaries receive and interpret activities, and how different contexts may influence results.

Girls’ Holistic Development works at multiple levels of the community to strengthen social norms that support positive health and social outcomes for adolescent girls ages 10 to 14. The program adopts a “change through culture,” participatory approach that aims to change harmful social norms by recognizing and valuing the role of “grandmothers” (elder women) and increasing community capacity and cohesion to promote girls’ health and well-being.

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