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| October 31, 2018

Where to find us: IRH at the International Conference on Family Planning, 2018

We’ll see you November 11th – 15th! 

As IRH prepares for the the International Conference on Family Planning 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda, we want to ensure that our many partners and colleagues know where they can find us during the conference. We have a number of exciting presentations, panels and posters to share that highlight our recent research and programs, and share lessons learned. We will also be hosting an exhibit in booth number 71.

For those unable to attend, keep up with the conference only using the hashtag #ICFP2018, by following @IRH_GU, and through the Virtual Conference Program on Facebook.

Download a copy of IRH’s full schedule.

Sunday, November 11th

  • Gender Transformative Programming: Debating Critical Reflections on Gender Transformative Programming for Adolescents | 16:00 – 17:00 LEMIGO HOTEL, KG 624 STREET (side event) 
  • Launch of the special supplement in the Journal of Adolescent Health on social norms and adolescent SRH behavior | 17:00 – 19:00 PARK INN BY RADISSON KN 41 STRET (side event) 


Tuesday, November 13th

  • Thinking differently about the complexity of unmet need for family planning: Why understanding your body matters | 8:00 – 11:00 AUDITORIUM TERRACE (poster)
  • Catalyzing family planning and cross-sectoral outcomes through integrated social norms interventions| 8:00 – 11:00  AUDITORIUM TERRACE (poster)
  • “Men and youth need to play these games too!”: Community Games about Family Planning | 10:25 – 11:45 AD1 (oral presentation) 
  • Validation process and supervision: Community based provision of family planning in Rwanda | 10:25 – 11:45 AUDITORIUM (preformed panel) 
  • Can couples correctly use a family planning method offered through a group counseling session facilitated by a community youth volunteer? | 11:30 – 14:30 AUDITORIUM TERRACE (poster)
  • More than fun and games – Expansion of community games to address fertility awareness, family planning, and social norms in Nepal | 11:55 – 13:15 AUDITORIUM CLUB 1 (oral presentation)
  • What Works to Engage Men as Contraceptive Users, Partners and Health Advocates | 14:35 – 15:55 AD9 (preformed panel)
  • The role of religious leaders as social change agents for family planning: Grassroots perspectives from four African contexts | 16:20 – 17:40 AD9 (preformed panel)
  • Roving Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (RANMs): Addressing Family Planning Concerns Through Home-based Services in Nepal | 16:20 – 17:40  AD5 preformed panel


Wednesday, November 14th 

  • Shouldn’t I get a say? – Intentionally involving youth in AYSRH implementation & evaluation | 8:00 – 11:00  AUDITORIUM TERRACE (poster)
  • The who and when of social norms: An empirical assessment of reference groups, life stage and age and in Kinshasa, DRC  8:00 –  11:00  AUDITORIUM TERRACE (poster)
  • Masculinité, Famille et Foi – engaging faith leaders to improve family planning and promote gender equality in the Democratic Republic of Congo | 10:25 – 11:45  AD9 (preformed panel)
  • Karamoja on the Move: Testing a peer learning and community theatre model to increase family planning use in agro-pastoralist Ugandan communities | 11:30 – 14:30  AUDITORIUM TERRACE (posters)
  • Does it measure up? Assessing the quality of family planning counseling through faith-based health facilities | 11:30 – 14:30  AUDITORIUM TERRACE (posters)
  • Roving Auxiliary Nurse-Midwives (RANMs): A community-based approach to delivering RH services to marginalized populations in Nepal | 11:30 – 14:30  AUDITORIUM TERRACE (posters)
  • Exploring the relationship between IPV and FP: Findings from a landscaping review | 11:55 – 13:15 AD6 (preformed panel)
  • The Influence of Men’s Social Networks and Social Norms on Family Planning in Benin | 11:55 – 13:15  AD11 (oral presentation)
  • Segmentation using a qualitative, longitudinal lens: Research from Benin on social influence and women’s and men’s pathways to modern family planning | 11:55 – 13:15  AD4 (preformed panel)
  • Expanding contraceptive choice with the Dot app: A proven, effective method for pregnancy prevention | 11:55 – 13:15  MH1 (oral presentation)
  • Getting to Intent : Do social norms influence men and women’s modern contraceptive use in the DRC | 11:55 – 13:15  AD12 (flash presentation)
  • What do participants really know about fertility? Validating the Fertility Awareness Scale | 14:35 – 15:55  AUDITORIUM CLUB 1  (oral presentation)
  • Sex, love, & betrayal: Effects of an entertainment-education radio serial drama on fertility awareness and family planning in Rwanda | 14:35 – 15:55  AD11 (oral presentation)
  • Implementing Best Practices (IBP) Session 5: Norm, Attitude or Belief? Making norms-shifting more normative within SRH Programs | 14:35 – 15:55  AD10 (workshop) 
  • The Impact of Male Migration on Women’s Reproductive Health Outcomes in Nepal | 14:35 – 15:55  MH3 (flash presentation)
  • Approche de réseau social de Tékponon Jikouagou (TJ) : Enfin une solution aux Besoins non satisfaits en Planification familiale liés aux barrières socioculturelles! | 15:00 – 18:00  AUDITORIUM TERRACE  (poster)
  • Gaps and Opportunities in Counseling Couples : A systematic review of couples counseling interventions in sexual and reproductive health | 16:20 – 17:40  AUDITORIUM CLUB 1  (flash presentation)


Thursday, November 15th

  • How do we know they work? Monitoring and Evaluating mHealth interventions | 8:00 – 11:00  AUDITORIUM TERRACE  (poster)
  • Scaling up the REAL Fathers: Evaluating the integration of family planning into an effective family violence prevention intervention in Uganda | 10:25 – 11:45  AD12 (flash presentation)
  • « Je l’encouragerai à opter pour une méthode contraceptive »: Les grand-mères pragmatiques pour la santé sexuelle et reproductive des adolescents | 10:25 – 11:45  AUDITORIUM CLUB 3 (oral presentation)
  • Boys need to know this too: Improving puberty awareness and gender equality among very young adolescents in Rwanda | 10:25 – 11:45 AUDITORIUM CLUB 1  (preformed panel)
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