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| December 26, 2015

Dot™ Featured in BuzzFeed as “Life-Changing” App

In a year-end listicle, BuzzFeed tech and products editor Nicole Nguyen included Dot™ as one of the life-changing apps of 2015.

Here’s what she had to say about the new app:

“Most period-tracking apps SUCK. They’re either amazing but too pink, have all the features you want but are too complicated, or beautiful but too simple. I’ve downloaded every menses app under the sun — and finally found one that I liked. Dot is one of the most well-designed and easy-to-use period/fertility apps I’ve ever seen. I like it because it a) is not pink, b) easily tracks your menstrual cycle, sexual activity, mood, and symptoms like cramps, AND c) calculates your chance of pregnancy based on your period start date. It’s like a weather forecast app for utility!”

How Dot Works

Using the user’s period start dates, Dot calibrates personal cycle data and translates that information into pregnancy risk for each day. The app also tracks cycle data and predicts when the user will have their next period. Dot can be used to plan pregnancy, prevent pregnancy, or just to understand the menstrual cycle. And because it works regardless of cycle length, and Dot is universally usable.

Dot is based on the patent-pending Dynamic Optimal Timing™ (DOT) approach, and builds on the Standard Days Method® of family planning. The app was developed by Cycle Technologies along with a team of experts, including the Institute of Reproductive Health at Georgetown University.

Try Dot Yourself!

Dot is available on iTunes for free download, and you can learn more about the app and the method behind it at

What’s Next: The Research Agenda

A peer-reviewed article detailing the rigorous research with which DOT was developed is coming soon. It promises to be a highly effective approach for women who want to avoid pregnancy. In the meantime, we’ll learn more about how women use Dot the app, and we’re making plans to further test its effectiveness under a variety of circumstances. Stay tuned for more on this soon, and watch for Dot the app for Android phones.


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