SDM Implementation Guidelines


These Implementation Guidelines were designed to assist program managers to plan for and integrate the Standard Days Method® (SDM) into their services. These guidelines are based on the experience of more than twenty international and local organizations that successfully have introduced this simple natural method into their countries’ family planning programs. The SDM has been introduced into diverse programmatic settings, including clinic- and community-based programs, by ministries of health, NGOs providing family planning services, as well as community development organizations with limited experience in carrying out health or family planning programs. The method is being used by women and men with a wide variety of religious, cultural, educational, and socio-economic backgrounds.

This guide provides information on key aspects of the SDM for managers considering including it in their programs. It includes background information on how the method was developed and tested, and the benefits for programs of introducing the SDM. It also discusses key steps that need to be addressed as the introduction is planned and implemented. Of course, not all elements of the handbook will be relevant to each reader, and program managers are encouraged to select those elements most appropriate for their programs.

Where is the SDM being offered and used?

The Standard Days Method is being introduced into many parts of the world. Click on a country or country name in the map below to discover how the SDM is being implemented in that country:


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